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Important reasons why you should use IT staffing services

The difference between a good and a bad manager is in how they execute their functions. In essence, there are five basic functions of a manager – leading, organizing, controlling, staffing and planning. However, of all the basic functions of a manager, staffing is the most critical. Staffing covers such aspects as considering the HR needed as regards their skills, knowledge as well as abilities, screening of job candidates, taking into consideration the option of hiring outside expertise among other things. If you staff your firm with the wrong employees, chances are that you won’t maximize productivity and you will have to deal with cases of customer dissatisfaction.

Granted, finding the right candidate suited for the job can be a bit tasking. However, recruiting the right IT candidate is more challenging especially to employers who have no knowledge in matters IT and therefore do not have skills, knowledge and expertise to screen and settle on the right IT candidate. For this reason, enlisting the services of Resources employment staffing solutions could be all that you need to do to find the right IT candidate for your business. If you have no knowledge or what to look out for when employing an IT candidate, the best course of action is to enlist the services of IT staffing services agencies that have the prerequisite knowledge, the experience and the expertise to link you with a qualified IT professional.

How is an IT recruitment firm of help to a business? In what ways does an IT recruitment firm help your business? Well, for one, it ensures that you get the right qualified candidate suitable for the job, ensures that you develop and maintain a healthy working relationship with the said candidate and ultimately makes it possible for your business to stay focused. In essence, there are a number of reasons or benefits as to why you should opt for IT staffing services

IT staffing services agencies have access to a pool of pre-screened IT candidates and this essentially means that finding the right and qualified IT candidate will be faster. Enlisting the services of a recruitment firm that solely focuses on IT candidates serves to speed up the recruitment process. They have a pool of qualified IT candidates whom they can match to your job specifications much quickly as opposed to a boutique firm that recruits for all industries. You simply get specialized services.

The fact that such a firm is specialized and knows the skills it is looking for in a candidate means that the chances of getting the wrong candidate are minimal. Such an IT staffing services recruitment agency is able to analyze the technical skills of the IT candidate in question, assess their attitude as well as mental makeup and ensure that you get the right fit for your business or firm. They are also instrumental in recruiting the best talent there is in the market which essentially means that you get value for money. You also get to save time as the recruitment process is a long and tedious one. However, if you outsource the process to an IT staffing services agency that knows what it is doing, you can use the time to address other important issues of your business.

How Miller Fall Protection Can Eliminate Your Medical Bills

Safety is crucial at any construction site. In the construction industry, deaths from falls are too common. Consequently, it’s now mandatory for employers and their workers to invest in tools such as Miller fall protection equipment. The 291 workers who died in 2013 in different parts of the United States while working in the construction industry might not have suffered such a sad fate while in the appropriate fall protection equipment. OSHA has organized a campaign to educate workers on the benefits of using the right equipment to reduce fatalities as you will note here

In fact, by wearing the right fall protection equipment, you reduce your medical expenses considerably. The equipment protects you from falling; hence, you don’t have to visit the hospital to receive treatment for any injury. You can suffer a spinal cord injury when you fall while at the construction site. The extent of the injury depends on the height from which you fall. Spinal cord injuries can lead to total paralysis for the rest of your life. For the rest of your life, you’d have to continue going to the hospital for more treatment thus incurring more expenses.

Cost of Treating Paralysis

If the fall leads to a lesser extent of paralysis, you would have to pay up to $500,000 in medical bills during the first year of treatment alone. For each subsequent year of treatment, you’d have to part with between $50,000 and $100,000 in medical bills. Consequently, this could lead to a financial meltdown. Your family would then be unable to meet most, if not all, of its financial needs. If the fall leads to a serious paralysis, the first year of treatment alone will cost more than $1 million. Each subsequent year of treatment will cost around $171,000 in medical bills.

Cost of the Equipment

Can you imagine spending tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills when you could have avoided this by investing in fall protection equipment that doesn’t cost more than $5,000 in average? The Miller fall protection equipment is not just one item. The equipment is a collection of different items. All the items that complete the fall protection equipment each play different roles; hence, necessary to guarantee your safety while at the construction site. The items include the following:

Vertical lifelines
Horizontal lifelines
Roofers kits
Confined space

What can you do with the $50,000 that you spend on medical bills each year after the first year of treatment? Spending such an amount could mean your child failing to go to college. It could also mean falling behind on your mortgages, thus forcing the bank to repossess your house. The financial hit could force your family to relocate to a smaller or cheaper house. The impact of the financial hit could derail your plans for the remainder of your life. Protect your family from the huge financial loss incurred while receiving treatment and medical attention for several years.

Make your Home Look Better for Less

We all want our homes to look good, but doing so can be an expensive process. It would be nice if we could get our homes to be just as we want them to be, without having to worry about the cost. While you may not be able to afford to build an extra room or two on the end of your home, or even move to a bigger place, you can make your current home look better for less.

Clear out the clutter

Even if you don’t go out and buy new things every 5 minutes, it’s often amazing how much clutter you can amass. Over the course of a few years, the sheer amount of things that we own can build up. Why not clear out your clutter, create some more space, and sell what you don’t want? You could also give it to charity so someone else can use it, while you enjoy having a bit more room.

Give the walls a fresh coat of paint

This is a great way to make your home look a little better, and it doesn’t cost very much either. Why not go for completely different colors, that make your home feel cozy, and fresh? It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do.

Work on the exterior of your home

My neighbor has just had a new front door put in, and it looks good. He went to home loans Delaware, OH and got his extension built last year, but this year he’s saved up and paid for it out of his own pocket. You may want to think about replacing your front door, but also working on the path up to your door, and even the paint or cladding at the front of your property, and then the back. Giving your home an whole new look from the outside, can make it feel so much different, even from the inside.

Don’t forget about your basement

A lot of people only ever use their basement for storage, but believe me, they are missing out. A basement can be the ideal place to go during those hot summer months, as it can be a lot cooler than the rest of the house. If your boiler is kept down there though, it may be a good place to go during the winter. Why not make your basement a little cozier? Decorate it a little, put some chairs or sofas in there, and make it a lot more comfortable. Look for the furniture you need on auction sites, or even on recycling sites, and get your basement looking good.

Give your rooms a new purpose

The spare room that I’m currently sitting in used to be just a spare room, with an old bed, and boxes of stuff piled up in the corner. Now the spare room is my office, and it has a new purpose that has breathed a bit of light into it. Giving your rooms a new purpose will make your home seem so much better, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money making your home look better. Do what you can with the budget you have, and use some of the ideas I’ve given you. In no time at all, your home could look a lot different.