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7 Ways to Survive a Business Event

If you are about to attend a business event in order to help promote your business, you may be feeling a little nervous. Business events can be a lot of work, but at the same time they can also be great for the company.

Before you think about what can go wrong at a business event, please take a look at the tips I’ve listed below:

1 – Work out what you’re going to sell

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, you need to make sure that you know what you’re selling. You need to know almost everything about it, so that you can answer an questions that come your way.

2 – Get the right insurance

It’s hugely important that you get the right insurance to cover you in the event of something happening. Look at and see if you can find a plan that’s good for your business.

3 – Have plenty of leaflets to hand-out

This is important, because leaflets can be a good way to market your business. Make sure they’re bright, colorful and the tell potential customers what it is you’re selling. Get those leaflets handed out, leave some on the stand or desk you’re working from, and make your business heard.

4 – Everyone loves a freebie

We all love a freebie, and as a business, you can make our interest in freebies work for you. Put your businesses logo on some pens and hand them out. Get a bunch of refrigerator magnets with your business logo on, and give those away too. Everyone loves a freebie, and most people will be happy to take them home with them. This means that they are likely to see your logo every time they use the pen or see the magnet, and that’s never a bad thing.

5 – Never work by yourself

Always work with at least one other person, so you one is able to hand out leaflets, while the other talks to potential customers. You’ll also need to take a break now and again, so work in pairs, and all should go smoothly.

6 – Be prepared

Turn up at the business event fully prepared, know what your potential customers are looking for, and be ready to answer their questions. Get ready to set up your stall or spot as soon as you arrive, and make sure you’re all dressed to impress.

7 – Have a good time

This is key, because if you don’t have a good time, your customers will know. Work out a way to have a good time, go there with the intention of having a good time, and you probably will.

You can survive a business event, just be prepared, know what you’re selling, and get our there and enjoy yourself.

Save Yourself Money This Winter

As the weather turns colder, and we wear an extra layer in the hope of staying warm, before inevitably putting the heating on, many of us will begin to fall ill. It’s at this time of year when we become more susceptible to colds, and it’s at this time of year when the manufacturers of cold and flu products look forward to making a lot of money.

More often than not, when shopping for something to cure our colds, we look for the tablets and capsules that are labelled ‘Extra strong’. It’s these two words that give us a lot of confidence, and we know that they will help us to get better, quicker.

The secret behind ‘Extra strong’

The trouble is that these ‘Extra strong’ tablets and capsules contain just as much paracetamol as other products do. The ‘Extra strong’ part refers to the caffeine that the manufacturers put in them. Caffeine helps to speed up your metabolism a little bit, and this means that the tablets you take will get to work a little quicker than they otherwise would.

If you were to take a couple of regular paracetamol, while you also drank a cup of tea or coffee, you would get exactly the same effect. You don’t have to spend any more money on these ‘Extra strong’ products. Save yourself some cash and buy the cheapest paracetamol you can find, and take the required dosage, while drinking tea or coffee.

I know that right now, many of you will be thinking about how much more money you have spent on those tablets or capsules that you assumed will help you recover. My advice is to keep taking them as directed, but save money next time. Just as you would look for cheaper a electricity supplier, sabatier knife blocks, or meal out, so too should you look for cheaper ways to improve your health.

What about the colour?

Now I’m going to burst another bubble and tell you about the colour of the tablets and capsules you take. It’s likely that the ‘Extra strong’ ones are either red or green. The fact is that the colour makes you think the tablets are going to work, but they are in actual fact no different to the cheap white ones.

We assume that because they are a different colour that they will work quicker, but all that’s happening is we’re being duped into spending more on a product that’s just had a bit of food colouring added to it. When you think something is going to work, it’s more likely to work. This way of thinking is known as the ‘Placebo effect’, and it’s something that psychologists and manufacturers have been using for many years.

Those cheap paracetamol’s that you avoid buying because you don’t think will work as well, are exactly the same. Save yourself a lot of money this winter by purchasing the cheaper range, while also getting better.

Just think, if you save yourself one pound every time you buy the cheapest range of paracetamol, you could end up saving yourself about £10 a year, if not more. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather that £10 was in my pocket than the manufacturer’s.